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If you’re concerned about your substance addiction growing to life-altering proportions, we recommend joining our IOP in Phoenix today. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we offer comprehensive medical, psychiatric, and holistic assistance to overcome your addiction condition and embrace long-term sobriety. The rehabilitation treatment will allow you to regain your mental and emotional composure and begin a sustainable healing process that will span over years to come.

How to treat substance addiction without inpatient care

The inpatient treatment is ideal for individuals dealing with aggravated addiction who require intensive care in a controlled environment. It is also the rehab treatment of choice for those who don’t have any compelling social, professional, or familial obligations. For the others, outpatient programs like IOP or PHP are the go-to solution.

The IOP program is the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Want to avoid the high costs of inpatient care
  • Don’t need intensive care
  • Have unavoidable daily obligations to attend to
  • Have already completed the inpatient program and now seek follow-up treatment

If you’re unsure what program fits your needs the best, contact our professionals and come in for clinical evaluation and treatment recommendations.

How IOP works

The Intensive Outpatient Program offers around 10-12 hours of treatment and therapy per week, depending on each patient’s needs and availability. Overall, the program may last between three to 12 weeks, encompassing multiple treatment modalities. These include regular clinical evaluations, psychiatric treatment, holistic healing practices, individual and group counseling sessions, etc.

The program will also feature specific drug screenings three times per week to ensure you remain on course with your recovery. Our IOP in Phoenix has several goals, including helping you:

  • Overcome substance addiction and achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance
  • Develop a healthy living routine, including balanced eating habits, regular workout schedule, and an overall active lifestyle
  • Identify and cope with social and familial triggers
  • Identify early signs of relapse and act accordingly
  • Create and work towards achieving life-defining milestones over the years
  • Focus on getting a better job, improve your financial situation, and even strive for a flourishing career
  • Fix your relationships with people around you, including family, loved ones, friends, co-workers

How to join Intensive Outpatient Program?

If you’re interested in joining an IOP, you need to consult with a rehab expert before doing so. Our professionals are proficient in evaluating addiction victims’ state of mind and recommend appropriate treatment for a safe and smooth recovery experience. If you want to join an IOP in Phoenix today, we recommend contacting our rehab professionals as soon as possible and set an appointment at our facility.

Our experts will assess your physical and mental state, gather valuable information about your addiction condition. They will then prescribe the ideal treatment to meet your needs to the letter.

Speak to our premier rehab experts at Scottsdale Recovery Center and come to our center for an in-depth clinical evaluation. We are ready to take your case and walk you through a transformative rehabilitation journey that will give your life a new meaning and goals.

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