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Root Canal Pasadena

Root Canal Pasadena

Here at Art of Smiles, we sometimes must deliver the unfortunate news to some patients that they require a root canal. While a root canal is never something that anybody looks forward to, perhaps the procedure gets a bad rap due to some of the false misconceptions that people have about it.

If you’ve recently been informed that you need to have a root canal in Pasadena, cast aside some of your suspicions and some of the things you’ve heard. We’ve put together the following list of common root canal myths and the truth behind them.

You’ll Experience Tooth Pain If You Need a Root Canal

If your periodontist tells you that you need a root canal, you may not believe him or her if you haven’t been experiencing any pain in any of your tooth. However, you may need a root canal even if your teeth aren’t hurting or sensitive. Sometimes you need a root canal because the tooth has died, meaning you won’t feel anything in the tooth at all.

Root Canals Are Extremely Painful

If you were having a root canal done without the proper technology, and without the use of anesthetics, then yes, the procedure would be excruciating. However, with sedation dentistry becoming more commonplace, having a root canal is akin to getting a filling done. Innovations in anesthesia and sedation make it possible for you to have a root canal and quickly resume a normal life.

You Can Get Sick from a Root Canal

This rumor began almost 100 years ago when a doctor wanted to promote the practice of tooth extractions and published research that was quickly debunked to spread his false beliefs. The truth of the matter is that tooth extractions may cause illness by introducing bacteria into the blood. Root canals are perfectly effective and safe.

Root Canals Provide Only Temporary Benefits

Many people are resistant to having a root canal because they feel that the benefits of this type of procedure are only temporary. However, you’ll likely feel better long-term after having a root canal. You’ll be able to preserve your natural tooth and say goodbye to toothaches.

To make sure that your root canal benefits last a lifetime, be sure to see a qualified periodontist. Our team is dedicated to providing results that last forever.

You Should Pull the Tooth Out

This is a truly unfortunate misconception because it assumes that extracting a tooth is preferable to a root canal! Having a tooth extracted can be extremely traumatic and can even give bad bacteria a one-way ticket to your bloodstream.

Having a root canal in Pasadena is always going to be preferable to removing the tooth. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it allows you to keep your tooth. Any other replacement option is going to be costlier and take significantly more time.

A root canal is a standard procedure that many dentists and periodontists perform regularly. Unfortunately, misinformed people often propagate rumors and myths about this commonplace procedure to make it sound much worse than it is. If you’ve been told you need a root canal in Pasadena, you can now arm yourself with the correct information for a better experience.

Root Canal Pasadena
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Root Canal Pasadena