We Are Your Choice for SE Calgary Cosmetic (Restorative) Dentistry!

Dr. Tonny Tang and his dental team offers SE Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry and general, restorative services to enhance or completely redesign the look of your smile. We offer a comprehensive cosmetic dental consultation that involves an assessment of your current oral health to provide you with a treatment plan that best outlines the options required to achieve your ultimate goal for a beautiful new smile.

We know that a straighter, more aligned smile affects oral health issues down the road and can impact more than just your mouth. We will thoroughly examine your overall oral health, to determine the treatment options that best suit your needs.

It is extremely important to us that we address all your questions and concerns and ensure that you are totally comfortable and understand the need for your cosmetic dental procedure before proceeding.

Copperstone Dental’s Cosmetic Dentistry services include:

These are only some of the SE Calgary cosmetic dentistry and restorative services available at Copperstone Dental! We know that your smile is important to you and offering a broad range of cosmetic dentistry services is our top priority. SE Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the many dental health services that we provide at Copperstone Dental.

Why Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Objective research has shown that when we first meet an individual, there is a subconscious way that our brains and eyes interact with that person. First, we scan their eyes, then their nose and finally their mouth.

So if you see stained teeth, visible cavities, large chips, or missing teeth, these will be held in your memory and used to construct your first impression of that individual. Large metal fillings can discolor and internally stain the surrounding tooth structure. Crooked teeth or gum disease immediately stand out from the crowd. Missing teeth and poorly designed crowns can create dark areas in your mouth.

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