We follow the Latest Alberta Dental Dental Fee Guide!

If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to contact us.

At Copperstone Dental, it is our goal to offer fair and reasonable dental fees, even though we have a higher cost associated with operating a dental practice in Calgary’s SE. Now with the recent release of the latest Alberta Government Dental Fee Guide, which is being followed and implemented by the Alberta Dental Association and College, it is our goal to be completely transparent about the fees charges for common dental procedures. Since the fees we have been charging are already very close to what was recommended in the new fee guide, we are pleased to present the following chart showing how our most common dental procedures match the fees in the new fee guide.

Procedure Code Dental Procedure Our Fee* Fee Guide
01101 Child’s new patient exam (with only baby teeth)
(Free for Children 3 years of age or under)
$81.82 $81.82
01103 Adult’s New Patient Exam $116.66 $116.66
01202 Recall Exam (check-up for an existing patient) $73.85 $73.85
02111 Single periapical Xray $34.26 $34.26
02142 Two bitewing Xrays $54.60 $54.60
02601 Panoramic Xray $101.53 $101.53
11101 1 Unit of Polishing $71.54 $71.54
12112 Topical Fluoride Treatment $34.66 $33.33
11113 3 Units of Scaling $240.90 $240.90
23111 Front tooth: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth-colored filling) $160.07 $160.07
23112 Front tooth: 2 surfaces bonded Composite (Tooth-colored filling) $187.84 $187.84
23321 Molar: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth-colored filling) $175.42 $175.42
23322 Molar: 2 surfaces bonded Composite (Tooth-colored filling) $247.30 $247.30
33111 Routine 1 canal root canal (non-difficult) $761.19 $761.19
33131 Routine 3 canal root canal (non-difficult) $1,296.32 $1,296.32
71101 Removal of a single tooth (uncomplicated) $160.60 $160.60
71201 Removal of a single tooth (surgical) $289.63 $289.63

* Indicates that codes may overlap in the same category, yet still match the fee guide. Prices are subject to change without notice or updates to the latest fee guide. Please contact us if you have any questions or to confirm pricing.

Please be aware that not all procedures are listed as professional fees. The prices for these services vary based on the associated lab costs and depend on the complexity of each individual treatment. If you have any questions about these additional fees, we encourage you to please call our office to arrange a pre-determination visit with Dr. Tonny Tang or Dr. Brian Wong. This will allow us to evaluate your teeth and your oral health, thus providing you with a more accurate estimate of the work you may need to be done.

At Copperstone Dental, we know that is difficult to determine what is covered and what is not covered by your specific dental insurance policy. Since dental insurance companies can individually decide the maximum amount they will cover for any particular procedure, you need to be aware that the amount covered could be less than what is recommended in the Latest Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Also, please be aware that not all procedures are necessarily covered based on your dental insurance coverage.

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