SE Calgary Children's Dentist

SE Calgary Children's Dentist

A child's health is in his teeth

Dental hygiene is often more important for children than adults. It is not to say that adults could evade it without repercussions but that, with children, it has more dramatic implications. At Copperstone Dental, we take this matter very seriously, because child's oral hygiene will eventually define his overall health as an adult. And most people have the wrong impressions regarding how and when to start teaching their kids brushing and flossing, or what they should do to protect and their oral health.

It is common knowledge for any SE Calgary children's dentist that a parent needs to start caring for their children's health before they are even born. The same goes for promoting their dental strength and fitness. Indeed, it is a fact that a mother's dental issues can affect her new offspring as well, because bacteria caused by gum infections can travel between mother and child.

And everything comes from Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for cavities which can be found in adults and children, but not newborns. This is why it is recommended for parents to take good care of their oral health, if they are to avoid any bacterial exchange between them and their little ones.

Oral health schedule in children

The most common dental problems with children involve wiggly teeth, cavities and plaque, all of which can cause pain, bad breath and can lead to several more serious affections in the future. From the perspective of a professional SE Calgary children's dentist, there are several things you can do to avoid such problems altogether:

- Less artificial sweeteners - Try teaching your kid to eat more fruits whenever he or she feels the need for something sweet and delicious. Fruits clean the teeth and the gums and they are obviously healthier. Also, no sweets before bedtime.

- If there's teeth, brushing is required - You need to start brushing your child's teeth as soon as they appear. It is more about them learning the habit at a young age and understanding the importance of regular, thorough brushing. Only use paste the size of a peas.

- Teach them flossing - There's no other way of effectively removing plaque and bacterial accumulations than flossing. It should be done once a day to prevent the formation of tartar and deny the bacteria the breeding ground they need.

- Don't forget the inner cheeks and tongue - The perfect brushing involves the checks and the tongue too, because those areas can host communities of bacteria causing infections and bad breath.

- Regular dentist visits - Dentist visits cannot miss from a child's health schedule. It is only here that both parents and their offspring can get the proper professional assistance they need.

An SE Calgary children's dentist will tell you that prevention is more important than the actual treatment, because preventing means avoiding having to deal with the affection in the first place. Copperstone Dental professionals give their best to provide you will all the support, knowledge and assistance required for both you and your child in terms of proper oral hygiene.

SE Calgary Children's Dentist
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SE Calgary Children’s Dentist
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SE Calgary Children's Dentist