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Health and wellbeing are all-inclusive notions, encompassing many clinical aspects under their umbrella. However, there is one basic idea that both draw strength from and that is prevention. As long as you possess the know-how with regards to the various preventive measures you need to adopt, your chances of contracting a serious illness will drop dramatically. And this is where Copperstone Dental comes into play.

Dentistry is a science and a pretty detailed one at that and there is no SE Calgary dentist, or any other professional, that would tell you otherwise. Dentistry, as any other medical science, it has rules, treatment methods and prevention mechanisms it can put into play in order to get the best possible results.

And there are few areas where science is more important than in the field of dentistry and oral hygiene. Looking back no further than the 18th century, we find out that life expectancy varied between 27 to 40 years (sometimes more, sometimes less) across the globe, in an age where medicine was still in its youth. And the progress of the humankind was only possible when medicine, as a science, began seeking and achieving knowledge and power.

Modern times, modern approaches

Nowadays, it is a fact that proper oral hygiene is a must if we are to prevent more serious health problems, some of which can divert into life-threatening conditions. The accumulation of bacteria around the gum and the lower area of the teeth can cause:

- Persistent bad breath, especially in the morning

- The dry mouth syndrome, where the lack of saliva can cause early tooth decay

- Accumulation of mineralized bacteria at the bottom of the teeth (plaque)

- Cavities

- Gingivitis

- Digestive problems

- Heart conditions and so on

As any SE Calgary dentist will tell you, these are just some of the more benign affections linked to other, life-risking conditions, like cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even cancer. And there is no better way of dealing with these dangers than resorting to educated preventive measures.

Out of all you can and should adopt, there are 3 major ones that make for the most impact:

1. Significant dietary and lifestyle changes

No more sweets, sodas, less coffee, less alcohol and no more smoking. These are the primary causes for teeth discoloration, plaque and cavities, and most people fall into their trap daily.

2. Daily brushing and flossing

This is the ABC of adopting a proper oral hygiene. Floss once a day and brush your teeth 2-3 times within the same 24-hour period. Remember to clean your tongue and inner cheeks as well.

3. Regular dentistry checks

Not being an expert means you need one to identify any potential problems you might have. What this means is that you need regular dentistry appointments if you are to identify dental problems in time.

These are common sense advices any SE Calgary dentist will give you. And we, at Copperstone Dental, specialize in some of the best preventive techniques and treating methods, because you're all worth it.

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